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discover your most beautiful flowers


“when I discover who I am, I’ll be free.”

― ralph ellison
Holding Hands

you are a garden

you're in a really good place

the phrase you are a garden was originally just a phrase that appeared on a double page on every one of our magazines, but now it's more than that.


you are a garden is a mantra, a representative for how we should live our lives. discover the things you like about yourself, your strengths, your desires and then enjoy the life you were made to live. discover your flowers, nurture them and admire them.

you can join in by reading one of our issues, following us on instagram or submitting a story to us.

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JADEN magazine is a wellness and self-discovery magazine created by candice daphne to give women of colour a space to share their personal growth stories and their self-discovery journeys.

JADEN is Dominican Patois for 'Garden' (pronounced similarly to the French 'jardin'). It was named 'Garden' to reinforce the metaphor that we must look after ourselves like we would a garden. Each of us are our own little patch of soil that we can nurture and grow however we like.


Just like a garden, sometimes we need some more nourishment and tending to, a little extra attention to our water intake, perhaps spending some more time in the sunshine when needed or knowing when it's okay to take breaks and rest in the shade.

Candice collates beautifully made print and digital magazines filled with your personal growth stories and journeys as well as lifestyle content to improve your well-being and even the odd plant-based recipe! 

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it's known in most cultures, especially within the black community, that we don't speak openly about our personal growth and our mental well-being so I have created JADEN magazine so that we can all have a space to come together, read each others stories and learn from one another about our journeys to be the best versions of ourselves.

come and share your stories and let's strive to be kinder to ourselves.

― editor in chief, candice daphne

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