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buying crystals / the scent of rain / showing my body gratitude — journal 100723

The other night it was raining really heavily. It's been so hot in the UK for the past couple of days, which I absolutely love, but I also love when it rains heavily so the trees and plants and flowers can have something to drink! I feel like I can almost feel how grateful they are for the rainfall, the intensity yet gentleness of summer rain, calm but all at once. It's so relaxing to watch as well. On the weekend, I was supposed to go shopping for crystals with a friend but those plans were cancelled. I've been enjoying learning more about crystals and the different chakras, it makes me feel more in tune with my body and in tune with nature and the stars. I'm really excited to learn more about them and try and introduce some rituals into my routines like bathing them in moonlight, taking certain ones with me to ease anxiety (constantly have an amethyst on me at this point) and get a little collection going! What also makes me feel in tune with my body lately is exercising regularly. Never thought I'd be the gal who does 30 mins of cardio in her living room almost daily but here we are! (I would absolutely be the one to workout in her living room instead of in front of other people at the gym that's for sure). When I feel like giving up on doing star jumps for 40 seconds straight, I'm suddenly so aware of my body, yes the pain and the aching but also the fact that my body is moving, and in this moment I can collapse or keep pushing it. I'm not sure what that feeling is, but in those short moments I feel so connected with myself. I wish it was under slightly calmer circumstances but it's something! And once I finish my workout and end it with a wind down, I feel connected to myself then too. It's like a small ritual of thanks to my body for getting me through 30 mins of intense jumping around and flailing my arms all over the place. A thank you to my heart for keeping me going and pumping blood faster around my limbs who desperately need it. A thank you to my feet who kept me upright the whole time, a thank you to my breath and my lungs, to my knees, my back, my core, my arms. Now I feel even more appreciative of them and want to make the effort to take care of them for the rest of the time I'm not working out (especially my feet, poor things did some overtime today jogging in between sets). By doing this, I've also started to watch what I eat (which is a little upsetting as if you know me or just read my about page, you'll know how much I love a hot chocolate) which has made me feel better too, both mentally and physically. It's really true what they say, eating right and moving your body regularly does a lot. Rather than concentrating on becoming a certain dress size, I'm enjoying the process of becoming fitter and making better choices.

I'm turning 26 this month and I feel like it's time to start being more intentional about my actions and where I put my energy.

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