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Embrace the Magic: How to Enjoy Life’s Little Intricacies

You know how people say we’re made up of the same particles in the stars or that our bodies are a part of nature too or we’re made of the same atoms that make up the universe—isn’t that so beautiful?

We’re here on this planet using energy from the sun and the elements in the air to breathe to live our lives every day just like every other living organism we share this planet with.

And no one knows why, except for how wonderful it is.

Isn’t it boring to not think life has a little magic to it? That we can’t use the elements in our bodies that are found in galaxies to make our one in a billion chance of being alive a little more joyful?

(I actually just Googled what the chances are of me being alive and it’s absolutely not 1 in a billion it’s 1 in 10 to the 2,685,000th power, so I was a little off).

a tree branch sprouting white flowers

Everyone believes in vibes, I don’t care.

I even asked my boyfriend and he said he doesn’t but you can’t deny that feeling of walking into a room and instantly knowing something bad just happened because of the “energy” or the “atmosphere”. What’s that?

What’s intuition? What’s that gut feeling people talk about?

Sometimes we meet people and instantly dislike them or sometimes we see someone without meeting them and decide that we may really get along. Based on what?

(And I’m fully aware that we just don’t know the answer to some things yet like how in the God of the Gaps argument, everything is proof of God’s existence until science can provide an actual answer, but until we find out whatever scientific explanation there is to “vibes”, let’s have a little fun).

The world isn’t so black and white; it’s full of nuance, auras and unexplainable phenomena. So why not jump on the astrology/crystal/manifestation train, whatever it is that makes life that little bit more magical, and invite more mysticism into our lives?

Isn’t the joy in life learning and discovering new things anyway? I would hate to live in a world where we had the answer to everything.

I especially dislike people who put people down for talking about how magical love is and they respond with: “it’S juST nEuROns in thE brAin”.

In the words of Amy Santiago from Brooklyn 99: Ya borin’.

a tree with pink flowers in front of clear blue sky

So how do you accept more magic into your life?

I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago about coincidences and how you can use them as a guide to figure out how present you are in everyday life.

You only notice coincidences if you’ve been paying attention. When I was deep in my own depression, life seemed greyscale and nothing was exciting, but when I was able to come out of that and tried to be more present, suddenly I was hearing certain phrases everywhere and noticing little unimportant but fun things about life and that’s how I knew I was getting better.

The world is full of intricacies and beauties and acknowledging these things can make life a little bit more inspiring and just, special, you know?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

So if you’ve made it this far, firstly, thanks for reading! And secondly, try to embrace a little magic into your life.

I know some of you may have held back from getting into crystals or tarot cards because they have connotations with what, being a girl? Forget that and buy the tarot cards and ask them if you’re going to live in a cottage with 2 cats one day.

Have fun being magical! See you next week.


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