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last minute birthday plans / finally owning a kindle / setting goals — journal 060823

Last week I decided to take a dedicated week off just to relax after completing all the work for issue 5 of my magazine, jaden. it just so happened to be the week of my birthday as well which was nice. At first, I had no plans for it, I wanted to have all my friends over but that didn't end up working out and then I was supposed to spend my actual birthday in Cambridge but that didn't end up happening either since the weather was so horrible. I was a little upset the morning of my birthday because nothing was going right and I was also still coming down from being so stressed out from working on the magazine. I wasn't having a good time.

Eventually, I ended up going to see the Barbie movie, go bowling and out for dinner with my boyfriend and I had a really nice time! Barbie is a cultural reset honestly and if you haven't seen it yet you're severely missing out. Not a dull moment.

I got a Kindle for my birthday which I am absolutely in love with. As someone who reads a lot, it's wild that I don't already own one and I'm not entirely sure why I waited so long to get one but I have been missing out! I love that I can read before bed without having the lights on, be able to lie down and read with one hand and not feel like I'm straining my eyes on a screen. This is a pleasure I did not know I was missing out on all these years. It's so easy to read on as well, I've literally gone from 30% to 85% of a book practically overnight. Amazon, hit me up with an affiliate link honestly.

If you were interested, I'm reading What We Did Last Night by Vanessa Garbin on my Kindle. I think it was on offer from one of the book newsletters I'm subscribed to and it sounded like you're everyday crime novel. I started reading it but wasn't all that obsessed but in a wild turn of events, things have started to heat up right at the end and it appears like everything is going down at once, I absolutely did not see it coming. Although I don't love the book, I'm definitely hooked and I'm looking forward to diving back in and finishing it.

Before I started this blog afresh for the millionth time, I wrote a post about how I finally found the key to getting my life together. It was a YouTube video I watched in May by Leo Skepi and I'm proud but more so incredibly surprised to announce that I still have my shit together. Even though I took an entire week off to basically slob about, I said I would start my workouts and intentional living habits up again on Monday and there I was, working out and making smoothies on Monday. And after a week of not doing anything? That's huge for me. Impossible almost.

I don't really think I'm seeing much difference in my body but I knew this was going to be a long process going in and it's something I want to keep at as a regular activity anyway so I'm not stressing myself out about anything. But it does feel good to finally say that I workout regularly and actually mean it. Especially when I go to the hospital and I don't have to check the sedentary lifestyle box :)

Thinking about this new year of living for me and the things I want to accomplish. Setting goals is getting more important to me the more I grow up. It's a little scary seeing my 20s go by, especially this past year it seemed to just speed past. Looking forward to seeing what I get up to.

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