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Looking For a Sign From the Universe? The Key is in Coincidences

Here’s something weird:

Whenever a load of coincidences happens in my life, something great happens afterwards.

And I’m talking minor, unimportant everyday coincidences like seeing a random word a couple of times in the same day or thinking about some random actor and the next second they happen to guest appear in a show you’re watching.

These sorts of things were happening to me just before I met my boyfriend four years ago and they have been happening recently just before I was offered a dream job of sorts. How strange!

It seems like whenever my life is going quite well, I start to notice all these little things. Is there something more to this?

You’re in charge of how you see the world

When you’re happy, everything around you becomes brighter, right? The grass looks a little greener, music sounds better, the sun shines a little brighter. But when you’re feeling low, everything tastes bland, everything seems pointless and nothing excites you.

Here’s the thing:

I think life more or less stays the same, it’s our perception that makes it what it is.

When you’re in a happier mood, you’re more inclined to notice the little things and find those little joys tucked away in life’s corners. It’s like you subconsciously pay more attention to what’s around you and find the good in everything because you feel good!

The importance of being present

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, you may have seen this phrase floating about:

Life is a reflection of you

So when you feel good, everything else looks good around you. When you emit positive energy/vibes/whatever you wanna call it, that’s what you attract and what surrounds you. And vice versa.

If anything, it’s a cool little sign that things are looking up and that life is good right now.

So perhaps we can kick start the flow of good things to come to us if we start looking for life’s little coincidences. And like I said before, they don’t have to be huge, it’s the act of us noticing these things that let us know that we’re being present in the everyday.

And being present is the best way to stay mindful of our feelings and actions so we can make good choices and keep those sad grey clouds away from us as much as possible!

Next time you notice a flow of silly little coincidences, just think, something really great is about to happen! And if you keep thinking that, something is bound to show up because you’re so ready to receive it.

Life is a lot more flexible than you think when you start paying attention to all the ways you can influence it by keeping your mind “positive” (for lack of a better word, I promise I’m not a grindset girl), and keeping your heart open to all the good stuff life has to offer.


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