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reading klara and the sun / slow living / buying more flowers — journal 130623

I'm reading Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro at the moment (fun fact, Ishiguro apparently went to the same university I did, how wild).

I didn't so much make a promise to myself to start writing more about the book I'm reading but I definitely want to do it more often. The idea o a book journal is so lovely to me. I wouldn't know exactly what to write but I suppose it can't be too different to what I'm doing here so I'll give it a go.

I love stream-of-consciousness writing, so I feel like doing that about a book could be quite nice. I mainly wanted to start a book journal or store my thoughts about the books I read somewhere because a) I always forget the books I read and b) I forget how they make me feel in the moment. I would hate to read a book and forget how it made me feel, and then later on being asked about it and saying Yeah it was alright I think. It's the same with films and TV shows. My memory, when it comes to the arts apparently, is hopeless it seems.

Anyway, Klara and the Sun. I remember picking it up in the Deansgate Waterstones in Manchester, recognising the author's name and my mind filling up with serotonin as I remembered how much I loved Japanese translation fiction. I thought I couldn't go wrong, and I was right. I'm not 10/10 in love with t but I'm definitely hooked by the story. I don't like how everyone is being so mean to Klara though!

(I don't want to spoil the book so no spoilers here btw).

I get she's a robot of some sort but clearly she's capable of some feelings or is aware of them at least. She's just doing her best and everyone is ignoring her or being rude and I'm not here for it. The little quest she's on at the moment is a little jarring because she's supposed to be this smart AI thing but her perception of the sun, although adorable, just lacks any basic scientific knowledge bless her.

I'm sort of zooming through it, the font is quite big but I'm enjoying flipping the page quickly after reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami which was around 600 pages and like size 9 font.

I think I've found myself in a reading binge again, my favourite version of me. I also ordered some second-hand books online which will take a few days to arrive. Waiting for more than a day or two for something to arrive is almost obsolete I suppose, but it's nice to know something is on its way and I can actually enjoy the anticipation of that for a little while. I wonder what other things there are to incorporate this slow living approach into my life because the idea really interests me (except transport, I will never be okay with waiting more than six minutes for public transport. It's the London in me, I can't help it, I won't help it).

There's probably always an opportunity to incorporate a slow approach to life. I've recently started buying flowers for our kitchen. I always find myself rushing to take the flowers of out the wrapping, cut the stems, fill a vase with water and toss them in the vase. But it's such a nice little ritual that I should definitely slow down and enjoy, especially when it comes to placing them in the vase one by one and arranging them how I'd like.

I'll make sure to do that next time I buy flowers.

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