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reading more / writing more / doing more — journal 260823

I’ve been reading and writing more lately. It feels so good.

My time used to be so consumed by trying to create a brand and being a business owner—for some strange reason—that I think I forgot I was alive. It used to be a hobby during lockdown but that was nearly four years ago. I must have forgotten to look out of the window, watch the seasons change and remember that there was a life to be lived away from my computer screen. And lately, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Since moving back to London, I’ve seen more of my friend’s smiley faces which makes me really happy. I’m about to meet one of them today in fact, and I’m hoping to lug away too many books home afterwards.

I have been venturing outdoors a lot more, especially since it’s summertime, my favourite season (the seasons are my children I can’t pick a favourite, except the evil step-child that is winter, sorry), and I’ve been to the theatre, to a new little town by the coast, I’ve had catch ups with friends over homemade mugs of tea, and it’s been lovely.

But I’ve especially been enjoying engaging with my hobbies. I started off the year terribly in terms of reading. I think I read about 3 books from January to April, I just wasn’t in the mood. But something picked up in the late summer, perhaps it was getting a Kindle for my birthday, but my love for reading just soared back into my heart.

I’ve read 6 books in August alone. And naturally, being a writer, it’s given me a ton of ideas for short stories that I’m so excited about. I’ve done the thing again where I’ve started about 9 ideas at once and now I’m overwhelmed but at least I’m writing again! I think it’s been a couple of years since I really sat down to write something just for me, just for the love of it, for no one else. And it’s been so good.

Summer thawed me. I am alive once more.

As autumn begins to fall, another season I adore, I need to prepare. I want to busy myself with a project so winter doesn’t feel so harsh on my skin. I can hear Nanowrimo call to me in the distance… I’ve become a lot more self-disciplined in the last few months, perhaps this will be my next challenge. My literary-loving soul still has much to feel.

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