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copywriting services

As well as writing poetry and personal essays, I mainly work as a freelance copywriter. I work with a number of clients as well as a marketing agency so I have a range of experience writing for podcasts, social media pages, website pages and more. I love connecting with people and helping to push their mission along. If you're looking for an extra helping hand with anything copy-related, I'm your gal.

Take a look at some of the clients I've worked with, some published works and my portfolio below.


Say "link in the show notes!" with ease! I'll dress up your episode in short, fun to read summaries with all the links you need to attract listeners far and wide


The secret to marketing that people always take for granted. Blog posts are a guaranteed gold mine for attracting returning and potential clients and customers (and one of my personal faves to write)


A really effective way of letting your followers engage personally with you and allowing clients to keep up with you and your amazing new products, courses & opportunities!


Keeping your audience engaged with a series of nurture emails is one of the best marketing strategies out there. Remind your email list about your products and opportunities with non-salesy "P.S!" CTAs and casual drop in chats

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