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hey, i'm candice

i'm a writer and certified "look at the moon!" friend living in london with an unhealthy hot chocolate addiction.

i've had a blog since around 2013 and have created many, many, different versions of it over the years, but it's been fun because it's grown up with me in a way.

i miss when blogging used to be about the love of writing and recording your everyday life or hobbies or talking about monthly favourites. over the years it's become more about SEO and marketing and a funnel to get people to buy something, which is fine—i've had my try of that—but now i want to go back to just blogging for the love of it; writing about the things i like, especially books!

anyway here's some more about me:

when i'm not reading or blogging, i work as a full-time copywriter and when i'm not doing that i'm either eyeing up a new houseplant purchase or crocheting or playing stardew valley with my boyfriend.

i love to read about a thousand fiction books back to back and then never pick up a book for months on a regular basis. (trying to stop that now)

i have a BA in linguistics & drama and an MA in contemporary literature. i've published a few things including a poetry book called expired love letters and i've also been published in Thought Catalog.

tiny facts about me

favourite book: the secret history by donna tartt

favourite book genre: literary fiction/crime/dark academia-esque if you will

favourite drink: hot chocolate

favourite music genre: indie/synth pop + lo-fi

favourite snack: salty popcorn

favourite film: kill your darlings (2013)

favourite TV show: miranda

favourite season: anything but winter tbh but spring if i had to pick

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