welcome to quiet reflections.

This space is where I share my thoughts and musings about life that pop into my head as I gaze out of my window (which I do a lot). I write essays and sometimes some prose poems about the world around us and what it looks like and what it all means to me. I also love reading so I write personal responses to the books that touched me in some way too.

Here’s some more about me:

I'm a writer from London who loves Japanese literature and has a worrying addiction to hot chocolate. I have constant neck pain from straining to look for the moon most nights and if you look really closely, I have a little dent on my left pointer finger from the crocheting I do. I take my hobbies very seriously.

I studied English Language and Linguistics and Drama for my BA and the contemporary arts for my MA.

I’ve self-published a poetry collection, been featured in a couple literary mags as well as Thought Catalog, and I also run my own self-discovery magazine called la jaden. I’m currently working on an essay collection.


thought catalog - it’s time to admit that minimalism isn’t the answer we think it is, an article

expired love letters - my poetry collection

interstellar literary review - the green fruit pastille, a poem

the b'k literary magazine - the red string is fraying, a poem

fun facts:

favourite book: the secret history by donna tartt

favourite book genre: literary fiction/sad girl lit

favourite drink: hot chocolate

favourite music genre: indie/synth pop + lo-fi

favourite snack: salty popcorn

favourite film: kill your darlings (2013)

favourite TV show: how to get away with murder

favourite season: anything but winter tbh but spring if I had to pick

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personal thoughts and musings on the world around me and the books I read


Candice Daphne McDowell

A writer from London with constant neck pain from looking for the moon. Writes essays and prose poetry and reads about sad girls. Drinks way too much hot chocolate. Author of expired love letters (2019).