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Loved it

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I laughed out loud when you mentioned the dark magic and hovering hahah! This was sweet and honest.

I wanted to include some of my little joys too as I'm working on being more positive this year. Some of mine include:

- Having the ability to take a hot shower in the morning

- Finding some time to do a work-out because it's 'me time', and I can feel my body getting stronger.

- Treating myself to a good cup of coffee after my morning meetings

- When one of my younger students is finally able to understand what I'm asking them in English!! It brings so much joy to my heart!!

- Sunshine !!! I feel so lucky to have moved form London to a country with actual sun!!!


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i love this idea! ps love all the content pls keep it up!

my little win for the week was surviving my first full time work week🫶🏻

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