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my current relationship with social media

my current relationship with social media

how social media has affected me and why i think it's all crap now

I’ve struggled with my relationship with social media for a long, long time. For this episode, I want to document my current thoughts and talk a little bit about how I used to be stressed out about my many Instagram accounts to realising that there is life beyond the Instagram grid.

topics mentioned:

  • Talk from Jack Conte:

  • Essay from Freya India (and Jonathan Haidt from After Babel)


Pls note:

This podcast is very unscripted and chatty. I’m literally lying on my sofa listening to lo-fi music as I record these, nothing real or serious is happening here but I hope it makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend :)

I’d love to hear your thoughts and your current relationship with social media! Let me know if you vibed with any of this so I know I’m not going mad.

quiet reflections
quiet reflections pod
more thoughts that drift into my head as I gaze out of my window but out loud
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